Хочу выразить огромную благодарность команде Zennex за проделанную работу, результатом которой я очень доволен. Обратился к ним за созданием сайта для сети автосервисов и сразу понял, что попал к тем людям, которые понимаю, что делать и как это делать.

На каждом этапе работы над проектом чувствовался профессионализм исполнителей, четко соблюдались сроки и своевременно вносились корректировки, а самое главное мы общались на одном языке.

Та идея, которая жила в моей голове, была реализована. Сайт работает и приносит доход.

Сергей Быков
December 4, 2018

Передо мной стояла задача найти команду, которая сможет в очень сжатые сроки разработать приложение для платформы Android для фестиваля электронной музыки Alfa Future People.  Мне порекомендовали обратиться в компанию Zennex.

На разработку было заложено три недели, в итоге уложились в две. Команда Zennex оперативно подключилась к проекту, в первый же день мы провели совместную встречу с разработчиками и проектным менеджером, на следующий день команда уже начала работу. ребята всегда были на связи и очень оперативно реагировали  на все вопросы, что крайне важно в ситуации, когда счет идет на дни. В итоге с готовым продуктом мы вышли задолго заранее до DL. Я осталась крайне довольна сотрудничеством с компанией Zennex и желаю ей процветания и успехов!

Анастасия Макарчукова
August 30, 2018

Our organization needed to develop a mobile app for delivering our sushi. The challenge we were faced with was that we have a network across various cities of the Russian Federation. Furthermore, we needed to ensure synchronization not only between 1C software and the website, but also with a special unique kitchen module. Meanwhile, we needed our customers to be able to place orders without third-party help in less than 40-60 seconds. They ended up developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. After several sessions of negotiation, we further complicated the technical specification and requested that the changes be reflected of each order completion status in real-time in such a way that our customers could see all the stages on their app. Zennex company had enough resources and enough of a practical skills base to perform our rather complex assignments on time.

They fulfilled their obligations according to the agreement and we got a product that provided us an indisputable advantage over our competitors. While cooperating together, we maintained constant interaction, we felt “taken care of”, and we were offered technical solutions that were previously “invisible to us”. There weren’t any disputes we had to speak of with them and I don’t see any issues in its operation.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Regards, A. Pomazkin

Andrey Pomazkin
February 21, 2018

I would like to give due recognition to the high level of organization of the management shown throughout this project’s design and implementation. Zennex’s employees demonstrated professionalism, flexibility in decision-making, initiative in their approaches, and quick completion of difficult tasks. The result of the work performed was a modern website properly displaying on various devices and containing unique modules and content, which, undoubtedly, will ensure the rise of the number of Sibanalitpribor’s customers. The website has the potential for development as well as a comfortable administration interface available for our employees. Special thanks personally to Anatoly Seibel for his for overseeing of the project on all stages of its implementation: from development of the technical specification to compilation of the documents, to its advancement, to its client care, to its post-warranty service.

We wish Zennex success and many interesting projects!

Sergey Lagonsky
December 21, 2017

I worked with Zennex to produce my reference app, Instructional Design Guru. They were easy to work with, helpful about the process, and collaborative. It was the first app I designed and they showed me how others had visualized the app structure so I could use that as a template. That made it easier for me to design. In the end, I was very happy with the final product. I would definitely use Zennex again!

Connie Malamed
December 7, 2017

We needed to have a mobile app developed for us – Fresh-n-Fast delivery synchronized with our website. All of the agreement’s conditions were fulfilled to the fullest. We maintained constant communication with the developers, which cannot be overstated, since we are located in a different city. There were, of course, minor hiccups, but they were taken care of right away on the developer’s part. They were also a tad late based on the timetable in providing the ready mobile app (but we were informed about this ahead of time via e-mail or on Skype). The bugs in the ready app were also identified and taken care of rather promptly. Thank you for the fruitful cooperation.  

Nikolay Bukhtuyev
December 28, 2016

My company has a need for the development of a depot-handling system for production goods. We decided to turn to Zennex to obtain a solution for to achieve that end. Their guys brought to fruition all of the functions I needed:

  • A user (role) management system
  • Display production availability in stock
  • Sales
  • Bookkeeping
  • The ability to accept requests for necessary production

My expectations were fully satisfied with the resulting high-quality of its development. The company delighted us with its individual approach and responsibility. I would recommend Zennex to anyone and come back to them the next time I need service again. Thank you for your work!

Norik Nakhatakyan
December 20, 2016

We hereby confirm in this letter that our experience working with the Andrew Berezin's company has been a successful one and were are pleased with the results! 

We thank the company’s employees for their patience and dedication!

Andrey Gunko
July 11, 2016

Our company developed a totally new concept pertaining to specialized vehicle rental. The concept was based on several main aspects: 

1. An interactive map that displays the current location of available specialized vehicle. 

2. The vehicle owner’s ability to change the vehicle’s status between “Available” and “In use”. 

3. The customer’s ability to activate or deactivate notifications on the necessity for the order of a certain type of car. 

    Thus, the necessity arose to create a family of Specialized Vehicle Rental mobile apps that would include three apps:

1. “Specialized Vehicle Rental” for vehicle customers. 

2. “Specialized Vehicle Owner” for vehicle owners. 

3. “Specialized Vehicle Beacon” (old name: “Specialized Vehicle Operator”) is a beacon app that transforms Android smartphones into a vehicle location tracking device. 

All three apps interact with each other and the portal www.kartainfo.ru, which entails a web version of the interactive map displaying available specialized vehicle. 

    In March 2014, our company developed the need for a team of mobile app developers with the ability to implement the algorithms we need for us. After searching across various directories, our choice ended up being Zennex Company. The first build of the Specialized Vehicle Rental app was provided to us in the beginning of May 2014. 

    Currently, the apps and the portal continue to be improved, their design is modified, and the app’s functions are adjusted. Constant contact and tight cooperation with the developer allows us to solve the most complex tasks for the implementation of our project. From the developer we have taken notice of their professionalism and profound understanding of the entire concept, which substantially simplifies development and improvement of the apps.  

    In the future we plan on cooperating with Zennex Company and we will certainly recommend the company as a team of professional developers capable of carrying out projects of any difficulty level.

Vladimir Mishukov
January 19, 2015

Zennex (Sole Proprietor Berezin A.S.) is and advanced interface developer company and high-quality apps producer for iOS and Android, operating on the Russian market since 1999. 

Owing to the obvious advantages it boasts over its competitors, our company decided to turn to Zennex with the aim of implementing a software development project for a mobile version of the company’s site, whereby this project had not managed to be carried out by the previous contractor. 

Development of the app about our company was designed to present Mistral Alco, LLC as a reliable partner and high-quality alcohol product supplier. We wished for the app of development to be as informative and user-friendly as possible. The goals in releasing the app for smartphones was improving the recognizability of our company’s brand and, consequently, boosting customer loyalty.  

Zennex Company handled the iPhone app version development project’s implementation successfully, which was already available for download in the AppStore and updates are created for it as our company becomes more developed and the Apple devices’ bases are improved. The version for devices operating on the Android platform is currently on its final stage.

We are absolutely happy with our contractor Zennex’s professionalism. In particular, it deserves recognition for its distinctly smooth technological process: at each moment we understood what the experts we working on and which tasks were yet to be carried out before achieving the end product. Of course, we had technical notes that we provided them, however Zennex’s employees demonstrated wonderful communication skills and displayed the ability to understand the customer’s needs due to which all of the flaws we indicated were corrected in a timely fashion. Thus, our combined efforts created a high-quality product that corresponded to our goals and objectives. 

The Mistral Alco, LLC team thanks Zennex Company’s employees for their delightful work and are willing to recommend them as an IT solutions supplier to other companies. 

Sytnik Liviu
December 16, 2014

We ordered an Android app from Zennex. The guys really know their craft well. The control system for performing work on each of the stages was straightforward and transparent. We were always aware what the executors of each task were up to and the end product of their work fully satisfied our needs. We were informed ahead of time in layman’s terms when roadblocks were encountered and during the project’s process we had the ability to adjust the methods the tasks were performed in without escaping the limits of our budget, but still accomplishing the goal we had set out to accomplish. We’re happy with the way the product turned out and are absolutely overjoyed by it. We recommend Zennex to anyone who hopes to attain worthy results.

Timur Kluyev
August 22, 2013
Zennex coded my first app. They demonstrated knowledge and professionalism, their communication was very good, and they provided detailed instructions on what I needed to do to get my app in the App Store. I am very satisfied with their work.
Kwin Peterson
May 15, 2012
Very good on details. Progress was excellent and always met my expectations. Highly recommended.
Brett Romero
December 26, 2011
This was the second large project I have worked with Zennex on. Overall, the work was completed as requested. The quality of their work is good and they are extremely knowledgeable. They provide clear instructions and feedback for the work they are doing. The project schedule slipped a bit and there were some issues towards the end of the project, but Zennex worked to resolve all issues, as always. I would definitely do business with them again - they are one of the best contractors on elance.
Joshua Saunders
August 30, 2011
Our first app "STRETCHING 4U" is ready and published on iTunes thanks to Zennex. We're are not only pleased with Zennex but also extremely satisfied, with their way of work, project management, quality of work and their responsiveness. That's why we've agreed to give them 2 bonuses (one in the middle of project, another on completion) to show our gratitude. We recommend to everybody who is new in the app business or has not done any development for some time (like ourselves) to contract such a professional like ZENNEX. All Zennex communication or requests to us are very well explained and additional information is supplied to help with our responses. All the Apple technical jungle suddenly makes sense. (Zennex guides are better what you get from iConnect or the developer portal for that matter) We already asked Zennex to develop another app for us.
Ted Mal
August 18, 2011
Initially, I was a little concerned about outsourcing to a team I had never met or worked with before. Working with Zennex quickly put those concerns to rest. They are a great group to work with and I am looking forward to doing future projects with them.
Christopher Newsome
April 5, 2011
Zennex has been excellent in helping me develop and update an iPhone application I came up with. They are responsive and knowledgeable with anything that has to do with iphone OS programming. Since this was my first iPhone application being developed, they were able to help me with any questions i had and even provided recommendations on what works best. I am now using them to help program a website and plan to use their services for future projects. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a high quality programming company!
Neil Astudillo
February 7, 2011
Very professional, easy to work with. Provided detailed estimate and came close to meeting aggressive schedule. Will likely contract them for additional work.
Ben Sprachman
December 1, 2010