USA Calendar

Be in sync the USA celebrations

Last update:  July 2010

Category:  Life style

Technologies:  iOS SDK

Are you a curious person eager to know what has happened in this or that day in the course of the USA history? Congratulations! Now you have a perfect tool for it! Educate and entertain yourself about USA history by quick look in the USA calendar app. With USA calendar it’s easy to keep track of both important historical events and entertaining facts and trivia all in one place. This great little app would be a nice option for everyone who is looking for a day-to-day calendar app without a lot of complication. USA calendar is intended to be a helpful general reference that provides you with a daily report on the dates and days of the week, graphical picture of a moon phase, sunrise and sunset time as well as interesting and informative facts about all US states. One of the major USA calendar app goodies is that it gives you the feeling of turning over the pages of a desk calendar while providing you with all convenience of calendar apps. There are a few core features: • stunning look and feel which provide outstanding user experience; • information on current date, moon phases, sunrise and sunset timings; • years of past and future dates, moon phases, sunrise and sunset time calendars; • possibility to easily jump to any date; • a great array of fun facts and trivia alongside with US states historical facts. Do you know what happened on April 30, 1989? Find it out!