Stretching 4u

Application-book about training

Last update:  September 2011

Category:  Life style

Technologies:  iOS SDK

The application for martial arts athletes to help practice stretching. Embraces theory and practice accumulated over 80 years. German authors, Damian Knapik and Det Nilam, will walk you through all key points of stretching. Concentration, breathing and physical exercises will fit both novice and experienced ones and will let you improve your power, spirit and stamina without getting unneeded injuries. More info can be found at


Our first app "STRETCHING 4U" is ready and published on iTunes thanks to Zennex. We're are not only pleased with Zennex but also extremely satisfied, with their way of work, project management, quality of work and their responsiveness. That's why we've agreed to give them 2 bonuses (one in the middle of project, another on completion) to show our gratitude. We recommend to everybody who is new in the app business or has not done any development for some time (like ourselves) to contract such a professional like ZENNEX. All Zennex communication or requests to us are very well explained and additional information is supplied to help with our responses. All the Apple technical jungle suddenly makes sense. (Zennex guides are better what you get from iConnect or the developer portal for that matter) We already asked Zennex to develop another app for us.
Ted Mal
August 18, 2011