Great Vegas

Las Vegas interactive tourguide

Last update:  June 2011

Category:  Life style

Technologies:  iOS SDK

Search for and find restaurants, hotels, shows and attractions in Las Vegas. An interactive travel guide, right in your pocket!Whether you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, or you are there right now, Great Vegas gives you so much at the touch of your screen:

- Search for any hotel, restaurant or club by descriptive word, e.g. Chinese food, pool, or VIP. This is a great way for you to find the club, restaurant, or hotel you are looking for

- View details, contact information, photos, and other information about each hotel, restaurant, club and more. Need to call the hotel for a reservation or to ask a question? It is as easy as one tap of a button!

- Find restaurants, bars, and clubs close to you, based on your geo location

- Find events like concerts, shows and more happening in Las Vegas

- Read up to date Las Vegas news headlines

- Create a list of your favorite locations in a trip planner modeAnd much more..