Sushi Edo

App for a food delivery restaurant

Last update:  December 2016

Category:  Food

Technologies:  Android SDK, iOS SDK, Xamarin (C#)

For: the delivery restaurant’s permanent customers 

Objective: create a mobile app hooked up with sushi-edo website

Solution: iOS and Android apps written in Xamarin/С# 

Primary functions:

  • Selecting dishes from the menu 
  • Placing an order
  • A history for accelerating repeat orders 

Technical features:

  • The app requires an internet connection for exchanging data with the web service 
  • The final data entered by the user (name and telephone number) are memorized and displayed for the following order automatically
  • If at the moment that the app is closed, there are certain items left in an order, after being relaunched they will automatically be added to the basket.