Rate My Look

Photo rating app

Last update:  February 2013

Category:  Entertainment

Technologies:  iOS SDK

Have you ever wondered whether you'd look better in a dress or jeans before you went out to a party? What should you wear on that important first date? Rate My Look Lite makes it easy to get the perfect look with a little help from your friends. Use it before you go out for a hot date, for the Prom, or just to make the best impression. If you're feeling game, you can ask for public ratings too. Join the craze and download Rate My

Look Lite then you can ask your friends and other users their opinions no matter where they are! It's easy:

1. Take a photo using your iPhone or iPod, or select one you've already taken.

2. Add a comment or a question to send with the photo

3. Select up to 5 of your Facebook friends to send the photo to, or you can choose to send the photo to random Rate My Look users, for a rating.

4. Check your ratings! Your friends can also send back a comment to go with their rating of between 1 and 5 stars. If you want to see full screen photos, don't want to see ads, and want the ability to get more than 5 ratings per picture, you should take a look at the full version of Rate My Look in the app store! This app requires a Facebook account to function. Rate My Look lite is an ad supported app.

***IMPORTANT: If you wish to report a problem encountered with Rate My Look please contact us via our website contact form www.cupcakesoftware.com/contact-us/ as it is not possible for us to resolve any issues using the feedback space.