Verbal communication made visual

Last update:  August 2011

Category:  Entertainment

Technologies:  Android SDK, iOS SDK

"Not clear what it's for at first, then after 5 minutes you can't live without it" Let the iPhone do the talking with iHi Need to get someone’s attention in a noisy place? Want to communicate with someone listening to their iPod? Fancy trying flirting with your iPhone? You need iHi iHi breaks the ice in any situation with eye catching electronic speech bubbles. Easily introduce yourself across a crowded room by saying ‘Hi’ or flirt with ‘U R Hot’. In a noisy bar or club use “Drink?” Or express your feelings with the simple ‘I ♥ U’. In traffic, tell others exactly what you think of their driving: ‘Idiot’. (Note: This should not be done whilst driving). iHi provides a simple tap and display menu. When messages are displayed they can be dragged left and right with the touch of a finger. You can also enter your own messages by upgrading to the premium version of iHi: just press the "i" button. Messages can be entered on one or two lines and there is a selection of symbols including Smileys on the custom keyboard. Be creative and say what you really want to say. iHi - communication evolved.