Dating SIM

Dating simulator

Last update:  December 2011

Category:  Entertainment

Technologies:  iOS SDK

Find out what so many men - including editors and some celebrities - are all smiling about. You have always wanted to date a dream girl, but never knew how to meet her? Realistic situations and professional photos of attractive women were designed exclusively for this app. Dating SIM brings learnings from thousands of interactions with women into one incredibly fun and playful app that works.This real-life dating simulation game offers over 300 interactions with 9 types of women at 27 different dating locations, each carefully explained. Dating SIM is the most highly recommended app of its kind, beautifully designed and easy to navigate.

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Also featured in: 148Apps, IntoMobile, AppDebate, DaiyGame, AppModo, iPadAppsReview and more.Play with your friends, we speak Game Center.Enjoy tracking your progress from Beginner to Expert using world's best dating simulator. Compete with your friends online and see who makes it to the Leaderboard.There's a girl for that.

✓ 9 key types of women come included with your app purchase to give you the best choice and to inspire you.

✓ Easy-to-understand, professionally written detailed profile descriptions for each type of woman, including facts she doesn't want you to know about her.

✓ Special video overview in high definition.Meet her where you normally meet women.

✓ Select a situation, where you want to meet her or where you would like to improve.

✓ Meet a girl like you would in real-life. The app can select your situation randomly, just like life does.

✓There are overall 27 different locations to choose from.Playing Dating Simulator is easy.

✓ Choose your type of girl, select a situation and start playing.

✓ In order to get to the next level, select one of five possibilities.

✓ Even if you select an incorrect answer, you can still learn. Because you will find out, why the incorrect answer doesn't work for her. Dating just got exciting again.

✓ Points based un-locking system for better gaming experience.

✓ Additional photo gallery for each girl, for a better choice with whom to date or flirt with.

✓ Attractive choice of meeting and dating situations and locations. Coffee shops, bars, sidewalks, gyms, shops, holidays, just to name a few.Dating SIM app combines latest findings from the world's best dating experts and hands on experiences of the best dating coaches and pick up artists in the world. Result is an iPhone dating simulation game that will substantially improve your dating skills and is tremendous fun to play. Real Dating SIM is an iPhone dating simulation app with practical iPhone dating tips. Play it a few times and you can start applying those tips. They come from the best and they work! Besides, it is the best iPhone dating sim app. Additional BONUS features:

✓ Latest Dating Know-how from the world's best experts. Finally, dating will start to make sense.

✓ Additional 'Seduction levels' for those who want to go all the way. Are you ready to have some fun and get impressed by how easy it is to improve your dating skills with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?There is a reason why they say it's one of must have iPhone apps. Download Dating SIM now!****"Most realistic iPhone dating simulation game" - GameTrender"You can apply many tips and tricks in your daily life" - The Daily App ShowThis app is fun to play and gives great insight into how the other side thinks and feels. Well worth the money." - User review"Playing this app is like eating a good cake. It's tasty, yet even after the game is over, I still want to play more." - User review