Field jornal

The app for work with SCP 'Unitech' sensors and filling the journal

Last update:  December 2020

Category:  Education

Technologies:  Android SDK

The app allows users to use different sensors (for temperature, pressure, light, pH measurement), read data using an Android smartphone. To use sensors you just need to connect it with a USB port of your smartphone.

Aside from reading sensors data the app also allows to keep a journal with sensors data, plot a chart, write comments, add geodata, export data.

For: researchers, students, scholar.

Task: develop a mobile app which receives data from sensors and write it into a journal.

Solution: mobile app written on Java.

Key features:

  • Receive data from sensors.
  • Sensors calibration.
  • Write data into a journal.
  • Plot a chart.
  • Plot a route with geodata.
  • Dat export.