Wisdom Army

Find an experienced consultant or become an expert yourself and advise others.

The Wisdom Army - free tools for independent consultants. Get a free website, your schedule and consultation booking system. Use the built-in messenger. Each of us understands something better than the other and is therefore able to suggest the solution to a problem or advise how to act in a difficult situation. If you are already consulting or would like to get started, the Wisdom Army app has clients and convenient tools for you to work with. Opportunities for the consultant: Nowadays, more and more new users are installing the Wisdom Army app to find a personal consultant. Do you have a desire to help others? Would you like clients to start finding you? Download the app and become one of our experts. You will be able to provide brief, free-of-charge consultations and receive positive feedback from clients. You will also be able to offer longer sessions with a full scope into the issue and how to address it, all for a price that you specify. In what areas do you stand out above others? How would you like to not only help people, but also build a professional reputation and grow your income? The Wisdom Army app will be the perfect means by which you can achieve this. First of all, you will be given a steady stream of requests from clients, and secondly, a full set of different tools to use in your work with them: 1) Your free personal consultant website. Here you will tell a bit about who you are as a professional, and you will be able to share the link in social networks and invite visitors to your site. 2) Pricing list, indicating the name, duration, and cost of consultations (or a note of “no charge”). 3) A calendar that will show clients the dates and times when you are free and available for booking and consultation. 4) A scheduling system through which the client signs up for a consultation and also receives reminders of upcoming appointments. 5) A built-in messenger platform for direct communication with clients. 6) A block displaying your public contact information. This app will not interfere with direct contact between the client and the expert. Join the Wisdom Army! Install the app now!