Screenplay for iPad

Screenplay writing application

Last update:  December 2010

Category:  Business

Technologies:  iOS SDK

The long awaited Screenplay for iPad harnesses the power and portability of the iPad, providing you with the ultimate tool for screenwriting on the go. Whether you are an aspiring or professional screenwriter, Screenplay for iPad expands on its popular predecessor by adding over 75 new features that will enhance your productivity no matter where you choose to write. Over the past year, Black Mana Studios has worked with dozens of professional screenwriters to create an app that will take full advantage of the capabilities of the iPad. In comparison to the iPhone version of Screenplay, new features include: •Dropbox integration – Use your Dropbox account to store and retrieve screenplays! •Import and export your screenplays to TXT or FDX. Shot elements can be included or omitted from exports. •Import existing screenplays using iTunes Documents section (under Apps tab) •Auto-style mode – By popular demand, we have incorporated an auto-style feature that can be turned on in options. This mode will automatically “guess” the next element in your script based on the current one. For example, hitting ENTER after a character element will put you in edit mode inside a new dialog element. Hitting the TAB key on the keyboard will alternate between elements. •Duplicate a script from within the library screen. •Index cards – Color coded index cards can be exported and imported along with the script (FDX format) •Change the font size, font color and background color to suit your preference. •Read mode – You can choose to hide the keyboard and toolbars for a cleaner reading experience. •Character management •Scene navigation, reordering and outline •New elements not available in the iPhone version: Page Break and Shot Element. •Double tap any element to edit it Recommendation: In order to help the flow of writing, we recommend turning auto-style on in the options screen. NOTICE: Screenplay for iPad supports Dropbox and iTunes file sharing services for storing and retrieving files. It does not support our iPhone file storage service, which will be phased out during the next few weeks.