Specialized Vehicle Rental

Lend and hire specialized vehicles.

Dates:  March 2014 - in progress

Category:  Business

Technologies:  AJAX, Android SDK, Drupal, iOS SDK, JavaScript, MySQL, PhoneGap, PHP

A suite of mobile apps and a web portal for lend and rent building vehicles (trucks, cranes, concrete mixers, etc.) all over Russia.

Main Functions

  • Let vehicle owners find business.

  • Let those who need a vehicle hire one.

Technical Features

  • Web portal + hybid apps for two apps: iOS and Android.

  • Geo location.

  • Maps.

  • Push notifications.


Our company developed a totally new concept pertaining to specialized vehicle rental. The concept was based on several main aspects: 

1. An interactive map that displays the current location of available specialized vehicle. 

2. The vehicle owner’s ability to change the vehicle’s status between “Available” and “In use”. 

3. The customer’s ability to activate or deactivate notifications on the necessity for the order of a certain type of car. 

    Thus, the necessity arose to create a family of Specialized Vehicle Rental mobile apps that would include three apps:

1. “Specialized Vehicle Rental” for vehicle customers. 

2. “Specialized Vehicle Owner” for vehicle owners. 

3. “Specialized Vehicle Beacon” (old name: “Specialized Vehicle Operator”) is a beacon app that transforms Android smartphones into a vehicle location tracking device. 

All three apps interact with each other and the portal www.kartainfo.ru, which entails a web version of the interactive map displaying available specialized vehicle. 

    In March 2014, our company developed the need for a team of mobile app developers with the ability to implement the algorithms we need for us. After searching across various directories, our choice ended up being Zennex Company. The first build of the Specialized Vehicle Rental app was provided to us in the beginning of May 2014. 

    Currently, the apps and the portal continue to be improved, their design is modified, and the app’s functions are adjusted. Constant contact and tight cooperation with the developer allows us to solve the most complex tasks for the implementation of our project. From the developer we have taken notice of their professionalism and profound understanding of the entire concept, which substantially simplifies development and improvement of the apps.  

    In the future we plan on cooperating with Zennex Company and we will certainly recommend the company as a team of professional developers capable of carrying out projects of any difficulty level.

Vladimir Mishukov
January 19, 2015